Monday, August 1, 2011

How iPod reserves best creative advertising

It really wasn't surprising to me when my friend called his music player iPod, irrespective of knowing that it wasn't from Apple. There was a time when people knew compact music player as Walkman, but once iPod came in the picture, it swept 100 % brand recall for such product. Needless to say, this brand familiarity among music enthusiastic came because of matchless creative advertising approach, adopted by Apple Inc. When I see silhouetted figures dancing with bright-colored backgrounds, iPod instantly pop out in my mind.

Until 2000, digital music players were either big or small, but they all had terrible user interfaces. Apple saw it as an opportunity and announced releasing iPod. At first, critic’s reactions were confused. They called it an 'unconventional scroll wheel with a lack of Windows compatibility'. Despite all criticism, iPod got sold beyond everyone's expectation and rest became history since then. 

iPod Ad

The iPod gave new creative dimensions to advertising, otherwise who could do anything with those silhouette figures, but Apple Inc. In first iPod's commercial when a dancing man was shown listening to the songs on iPod, an illustration of next- generation portability was born. In 2008, Apple advertising hit the YouTube home page when we were greeted by a multimedia advertisement for iPod Touch. I am sure whoever visits YouTube nearly every day, would have never seen such an outstanding advertisement idea.

In September 2006, Apple once again re-conceptualized silhouette campaign. This time, contrasting backgrounds with colorful solid base were showcased to eventually represent iPod as a style statement for youth with a wide range of shape and theme colors. In 2004, when Apple thought of bringing Madonna's signature on the back of selected iPods, one in millions 'sales promotion' idea met reality

Today, not only musicians, artists, editors or photographers, but all professions are part of iPod's target audience. Despite facing 'larger than life' competition from Microsoft’s Zune HD and Sony’s X Series Walkman, we all know where iPod stands, and what a remarkable success it is, today. Definitely, a fair share of credit goes to creative advertising practices, I have been talking about.

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