Saturday, February 2, 2008

What’s all that fuss about SEO?

Isn't that surprising that Yahoo, Bing, and particularly Google account for over 70% of search engine traffic on the Internet? We all know that no Internet user browse more than first page of search engine. Understanding this, Concept of Search Engine Optimization got emerged. The higher a website is ranked, the better chances it has for bringing more visitors. For any business, need of attracting customers through SEO has become essential lately. Hearing a lot about SEO made me research a little bit and put pen to paper.

You must be still wondering, what this SEO is? To make this clearer, here I go in simple words. Research has shown that users only click on five out of ten top results. With efforts of SEO, technically a particular phrase or keyword appears again and again, but unless your attention is specifically brought to it, you don’t even realize that. 


Keyword density is the biggest factor affecting Search engine optimization, yet websites that have too high density get spamming by search engines, being excluded for indexing at the same time.

SEO practices are succeeded in the course of high quality content writing, but in greed of getting more visitors on a particular web page, optimizers get spellbound in the techniques of writing very rigid content. In ideal cases, required key phrase can be used recurrently, but without needless keyword-stuffing. Social media bookmarking build relevance of the web pages for specific keywords. Posting of content in form of Articles and blog-posts keeps a web page up on the search engines.  

With effective Search engine optimization, more can be achieved in less time. These days, the trend of outsourcing SEO services is also on the roll. With SEO, an online business can certainly get a shape of business buzz with recognizable branding.

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