Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egypt : A Mystic Land of wonders

When I was a kid, Egypt was the place of my wild imaginations. My immature intelligence often allowed me to visit pyramids or watching dead mummies walking in my daydreams. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt had been accompanied by The Nile, a mystic river that had no match in the entire world for it's length. Be it the death of Tutankhamun or ambitious tale of Cleopatra, lives of these Egyptian rulers have been a synonym to Mystery.

The mystic sensation of Egypt starts with its name itself. The ancient name of it was Kemet, referring to the fertile black soils of the Nile. By 6000 BC, a Neolithic culture was ingrained in the Nile Valley. The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza were built during 2700–2200 BC. To the known world of pre-Christian era, pyramids were meant to be the keepers of unimaginable treasure and wreath. Throughout recorded history, ancient Egyptian life remained the source of myth and mysteries. Beyond a doubt, The mystic impression of ancient Egypt was supported by bizarre life style, worship of horrifying gods and out of the ordinary social customs.

mystery of ancient egypt
The Egyptians began to form a pictographs written language about 5000 years back

If in Cinema, one sees Egypt, a place that breathes mystery, then it has to be completely justified. Tutankhamun who ruled Egypt for nine years died at young age of 19. What caused his death remained one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in history. Some historical studies say that the Sphinx is a lot older than Egyptologists believe. They also raise the question like what exactly happened to the Sphinx's nose (referring to Sphinx Pyramid). Ancient Egyptian literature described an enormous temple that they called the Labyrinth, but why hasn't it ever been found? Talking about the existence of Mummies many of us don’t have answers to the question like ‘Was there actually a curse on King Tut's tomb?’
Even after countless attempts by archaeologist, historians and explorers, one thing is certain on the unresolved mysteries of Egypt. Doesn't matter how much we trick our brains to solve them, they would always remain up in the air, otherwise who would call Egypt - a mystic land of wonders.

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