Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wishes: Untouchable companions

When God created life, he separated human being from rest of the species. Where animals couldn't see more than fighting for their survival, human started dreaming with wide eyes open. Some unsatisfied and stubborn dreams never left human alone and started lingering in his memory over and over. These visions, uncompleted work, desires, fantasies, or memories developed into Wishes.

Being cautious or unconscious, we make wishes wear clothes of our thoughts. Each one of us thinks that things would have been better if you could read other's mind. How unfortunate world seems when one can't go back in time. I wish life to be a tape when things could be done and undone. Perhaps, science will take us there one day, but till then this desire of going back in moments is turning into nostalgia, reminiscence or melancholy.

Wishes are vague visions of human desires 

In life we cannot always be winners, all of us have to lose at times. Actually, that's when we wish we were different from others, somewhat extraordinary. We imagine ourselves to be supermen and superwomen, crushing the obstacles, knocking off the heads of those who oppose us and making the headlines everywhere. I know our fantasies can never come true, but still, why can't we help indulging into such imaginations? I wish if I were Spider-Man, swinging and crawling past all the hurdles with being excessively red. Believe it or not, flying away in the sky like birds have been a wish of everybody.

Last, but not the least, just like everyone; I have also had the dream of seeing the world. To see the beautiful places, God created so as the artificial beauty. Observing the consumed cultures has been my passion for so long. I want to fly to China to see what a wonderful remark ‘The Great Wall of China’ on earth is. I want to be in Jordan to feel the mystery of Petra, and breathe the air around Egyptian pyramids. This is quite not possible, but my heart often becomes unreasonable.

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