Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Talent across organizational boundaries

For human resource division of any organization, equipping staff with the necessary strategic skills is basic responsibility. Successful employee engagement is certainly a tool, which directly contributes to turnover and performance of an organization. However, the pressure of achieving competitive superiority often overshadows the recognition of the existing Talent across organizational boundaries. Top companies on Fortune magazine are most admired for recruiting and retaining the best talent across the world. Other than such organizations, there are millions of companies that exploit Talent pool in the name of providing it with the learning experience and do nothing at all for it's development.

An organization cannot join the league of great employers without nurturing its talent assets. Talent management in small or medium enterprises should also be encouraged. We have grown technically over time, but not to forget, we are still dependent on Human resources to achieve organizational objectives.

Employee engagement

From a human resource standpoint, Talent in any organization is defined relatively. Talented individuals in organizations can be engaged with management practices such as performance management, leadership development, and workforce planning, identifying talent gaps. When an employee is considered for career progression, it is to be made sure that he gets evaluated on competencies including knowledge, skills, experience, and personal traits. Now, the time has come to say goodbye to old competency models where employees were judged on the basis of education, tenure, and diversity factors.
Apart from respecting modernly defined 'talent' in an organization, worker engagement is a concern to consider in favor of employees. While working in an organization, I have seen many colleagues leaving organization because of not being enthusiastic about the work environment. In order to retain highly valued employees, an organization needs a commitment of improving the partnership between employees and employer. An incentive as the reward for a good job is just one of the ways to boost staff morale with enhanced employee engagement.

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Thanks for sharing it dear. it's awesome post.Human Resource Management. i want to know how to manage resources. because i have no experience about it. Thanks for sharing it.

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