Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why so much Gaga over Lady Gaga ?

This madness started one year back when my friend told me about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, so-called ‘Lady Gaga’. Prior to this, I only knew her for appearing in weird dresses or alien makeup, possibly to gain everybody’s attention. According to this friend of mine, in moments of feeling void, Lady Gaga's picture, hanging on his workstation becomes the inspiration to instantly come up with something creative. This left me with a mission to find out why my friend and millions follow Lady Gaga as religion. After sometime, I found myself in love with this woman for being unconventionally inspiring and unthinkably talented.

best lady gaga sketchRecognized for her experimental fashion, performance and music videos, everyone knows who Lady Gaga is today, but trust me, very few of us know what hardship she went through in her early life. Talking about her parents, she says: "Both came from lower-class families, my mother worked eight to eight hours and so did my father.” Raised as a Roman Catholic, she describes college life as very studious, disciplined but "a bit insecure". Her bullied classmates always made her realize how ordinary she was. Stefani’s father never understood her reasons behind becoming increasingly experimental with drugs. This put both father and daughter in years of silence. 

After years of struggle in New York City, she finally managed to start writing at Interscope. On this quest of finding her individuality, Akon recognized her vocal ability and that's how Stefani became 'Lady Gaga'. 

Today, Lady Gaga is one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. She has sold estimated 23 million albums which makes her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Achieving such fame in this age and such short period of time is itself ground breaking. Even US President Barack Obama described interaction with Gaga "intimidating" after seeing her in 16-inch heels at Human Rights Campaignfundraiser. 

In every single creation, you can’t find Gaga repetitive.  Be it music genre, makeup or singing style, Gaga always dared to experiment and discharged her hunger for versatility. Her single, ‘Born this way’ inspires us in believing who we are without regretting what we are given by god. In her duet ‘Telephone’ with Beyonce, she combines showmanship of Michael Jackson and provocative instincts of Madonna. Not to forget, she is the woman behind putting a unique sense of humor in videos like Bad Romance, Alejandro, Paparazzi and Judas.

Putting all accusers on her shoe tip, without caring what other think, Gaga expresses how she feels and experiences this world. Just because, she isn't afraid of showing her artistic vulnerability, does not mean she deserves to be called a bad influence. I believe with this 'Gaga attitude', time has come to celebrate our originality, rather than being what other people want us to be. 

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hmm its shows your passion towards lady gagaaaaaaaa

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