Monday, March 19, 2012

iPad – Home to countless applications

iPad, an exciting tablet line by Apple certainly proved to be a game changing device. It is a breathtaking platform for audio-visual media and web content. Like other Apple multi media products, iPad is also controlled by a multi touch display, detecting a Wi-Fi connection to access local area networks and the Internet. Since iOS 5 got released, it does not need to be synchronized with iTunes via USB cable. Just like iPod and Phone, iPad is another landmark device, enjoying huge success.  

Apparently, this device has become the home to countless applications. With over 140,000 applications specially made for 2nd generation, the way of life for tablet users has got changed. Be it application on Business or Education, Apple App store has everything to offer. The magazine companies are really excited about the opportunity that Apple brought to them because the magazine that has been released on the iPad have enjoyed huge success so far. Many bookstores are still experimenting, how they should deliver their content to their subscribers. 

Today, iPad has become an ideal place for reading the latest news in the morning at your breakfast table. USA Today, BBC and many more have already made their content accessible on this device. Specially made for readers, Newsstand is used to read newspapers, magazines, journals on iPad. Newsstand centers all app subscriptions in one convenient place, making it easy to shop for new reading material. It can be used as your own personal reading room with the latest news, anything interests you.

iPad applications
With over 140,000 applications the way of life for iPad users has got changed.   
Kindle is an application that is made to get users access of e-books from the Amazon store. This app has more than 340,000 eBooks. With Apple's own iBooks, the user can also watch videos that are embedded in the eBooks. 

‘MathBoard’ application is perfect for children, studying in elementary school. MathBoard tests their knowledge of addition, multiplication, division subtraction squares, cubes, and square roots with regular quizzes. With, a personal Finance app, you can manage your free accounts. One can check balances for bank and credit card accounts, group spending by category and can also receive alerts whenever you exceed your budget. Though gaming on the iPad is not for severe gamers, but for people who haven't played games in ages. It offers board games range including chess and scrabbles which you can even play with multi player.

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