Saturday, March 31, 2012

Man and Woman - Two Different Universes

Men and Women are two different universes. o wonder, these two genders have an entirely different world of reality, psychology, interests and routines. Most of disagreements, conflicts and in-house wars are results of sex differences. Comprehending how men and women differ psychologically is pretty interesting. In this blog-post, I took reference of some of the psychological findings, to add even more interest to the subject.

man and woman

Our right brain is more focused on information, feeling, perceiving, this part is often referred as our emotional radar. Our right brain makes sense out of voice, tone, pitch, and volume, developing a deep understanding through facial expressions, gestures and body language. Being right brain dominant, women are much more aware of feelings, which is they tend to be more emotional. Men, who are eager to make physical relations, tend to be left brain dominant. It is interesting that the eagerness to be involved in sexual pleasure is mostly found in male spices. Most women accurately understand what men want in, but prefer not to communicate that verbally.

Ever wondered why your girlfriend always remembers dates of the first kiss, the first dinner together or even first meeting? Because, when it comes to memory, a woman has an amazing ability to recall memories that have strong emotional gears. They are frequent in recalling experiences that have similar emotions in common. Conversely, men tend to recall events using elements, activities and experiences that are associated with physical activities. 

Men and women have the mechanism to access different parts of brains. Women are more connected to their right brain while Men can access their right brain much well. It is easy for most men to ignore whatever right brain says to them. They have less connectivity between the left and right sides of brains, that’s why women seem to know more than men. Men have dense emotionally, though that does not mean whatever men do is more smarter than women. For an example, most men in relationships look for a long run relationship, but mostly their affiliation end in short span.

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