Saturday, January 14, 2012

Online dating - Genuine help or gateway to internet frauds

Worth of 4 billion US Dollars, Online Dating is one of the fast growing businesses in the world, today. In 2009, there were approximately 1,500 dating sites in North America, alone. Between one-third of singles, who have internet access, use online dating platform. Needless to pint out, we all have also heard conflicting stories about the genuine success of these sites. 

At one point, some people start listening to wedding bells in the name of online dating. Conversely many believe in all those scary media stories about lying, cheating and scams through dating forums. Is it really helpful or not? I think, for that, we really need to consider different perspectives because the truth is somewhere in between.

dating couple

Recent break up, moving to a new city, or working long hours can be a reason behind a lonely heart’s registration on a dating site. Interestingly, despite all diverse population on such forums, people still prefer someone who is similar to themselves. Toady, there are many online dating sites that target narrower demographics such as divorcees, Jews or people with same medical conditions. If we examine internet forum diversity, online dates have a greater disparity in age, race and educational backgrounds. Even though two opposite viewpoints never tend to match, yet some genuine forums somehow persuade diverse matches.
95% people deny that their internet dating profiles do not contain any wrong information, but as a trend observer, I am suspicious about it. The most lies are often told about weight or height. Most women intend to shave off their pounds while men give them a boost in height. Even without exercising Photoshop, camera angles and lighting can give anybody desired attractiveness in a photograph. Be it a chatting forum or out and out dating site, these lies leave users no choice, but to open their eyes to the naked truth.

Considering initial interaction on such sites is usually anonymous, part of the problem is anonymity and frauds. Online predators use online dating sites to target innocent underage girls. Dr. Paige Padgett from the University of Texas in his recent study found a false degree of safety, leading women users to stalking, fraud, and sexual violence. Despite all this, if we keep our conscious open, online dating can also be a refreshing experience, rather than a gateway to internet frauds.

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