Thursday, March 15, 2012

The coolest workout for this summer

Any exercise can work out for you, only if you do it religiously. There is no point in spending dollars for a gym membership and then gawking at the television while working out. You need not to lose the pace, else all the previous effort put in, might go to waste. Overheard, yet useful exercise tips, given in this blog post can get you the best out of exercising.

'Crunches get rid of your belly fat' is one of the exercise myths because you can’t pick areas where you like to burn fat. You need to create a workout that includes both cardiovascular and strength training elements to decrease your overall body fat content. Some studies suggested that stretching makes muscles more susceptible to injury, however, by stretching, muscle fibers are lengthened and destabilized, making them less prepared for the strain of exercise. You might want to warm-up and stretch before exercise, but if you are lifting weights, wait until stretching your muscles after the workout.

Running targets the entire body and strengthens the calf as well as thigh muscles. 
If you find yourself getting bulkier day after day, then simply use lesser weight for exercise with more repetitions. Running targets the entire body and strengthens the calf as well as thigh muscles. If you are running on a treadmill, do make this routine as effortless as possible. Get a pair of running shoes to save yourself from any knee injury. Position to burn around 100 calories for every mile you run on the machine. Soon, you will find yourself running addictive.

People who hate working out in the summer, can do it all in the company of water as pool water is the perfect place to exercise, especially in the heat and humidity of summer. For exercise beginners, this is a cool idea because of the low stress it offers to the joints. Swimming is a great way to work the cardiovascular system as recreational activities. You can warm up by walking the perimeter of the pool and then jogging it. Finish working on the lower body with flutter kicks using a kick-board. Submerge to the neck and do chest a press, reverse flies and then bicep curls to work on the upper body.

Try floating prone and supine while facing up. You need to keep your body straight using the arms and abs. For muscle stamina, go to the deep end and walk in water as long as you can for the ending. Tread now with the arms, then with the legs, and finally with both.

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