Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Supremacy of Social Media in every piece of life

When I joined a social networking for the first time, I never knew that I will be a habit to check my Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Linkedin, Google+ and many other social accounts, after every fifteen minutes. When I found my friends being addicted to them, I often wondered how these sites can be more than a virtual place where people interact with each other, sharing or tagging posts they find interesting. But as time passed by, I also understood power of these networks, which are not only restricted to socializing today.

Chicago’s Booth School of Business recently found in a study that Facebook and Twitter are more difficult to resist than cigarettes or alcohol. For me, public networks have been best mediums to catch stars through celebrity profile subscription and accessing application. Fan wall is a place where updates from fans can even be viewed on a world map, allowing fans to intermingle based on their location. Recently,  Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s most popular athlete having 40 million followers on Facebook, unveiled new iPhone and Android compatible application to take this trend to another level. Similarly, Subscription to news applications helped millions of us to receive push notifications for breaking news.

Facebook login
 Facebook and Twitter are more difficult to resist than cigarettes or alcohol. 
Social media features help in optimizing the target content, leading more and more businesses to integrate this modern media as part of their knowledge management strategy. Be it RSS feeds, user rating news, sharing buttons or polling options, individual network gets popular by third-party community functionality like videos and image posting. Even developers of online games cannot ignore power of shared networks as Facebook alone accounts for more than 90 percent of games sales in return of 30 % cut in revenue at present.

With every trend of media coming in, Social networks are meant to create business buzz. It takes only few days to make your content popular with blog posts, articles or videos to maximize through network communications. Today businesses can advertise their offerings on gigantic scale, not by paying for sponsored links, but with effective societal media networking. Social networks humanize a website's grade in the search engines with support of keywords linking to respective position. Understanding power of social networks, concept of SMO (Social media optimization) took birth. SMO techniques bring in traffic through referrals, providing businesses visibility and popularity. After knowing all this, I hope even you won’t mind being Facebook and Twitter addictive, more than cigarettes or alcohol.

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