Thursday, April 5, 2012

Evolution of Telecom - Land-line to 4G

Who can imagine life without a phone? Telephone, whether fixed land-line or mobile, has become a necessity, all around the world. Telecom is one of the world’s top growing industries. This dynamic chapter of industrial growth was only possible with the economic development. Liberalization of foreign capital investment and industrial de-licensing certainly resulted in the fast growth of Telecom. Until 2000, though cellular phone companies were present, fixed landlines were popular in most countries.

This industry maintained growth momentum, despite a witnessed slowdown, across all sectors. Particularly, Telecom industry of developing countries showed the massive surge in recent years. From monopoly with very limited players to massive growth, Telecom grew to the level of an industry. The main cause that marked recent developments in the mobile services market is the enlargement of subscriber bases in the developing economies, particularly in the major emerging markets. Now, 3G services in developing countries are perceived as a market opportunity of parallel proportions to the Internet itself. Being easy to be used, Mobile tends to become part of the everyday lives, even if the user is not interested in technology.

Land line

Now, the next generation of cellular telephony has been uniquely designed to carry packet data. The dream of 4G is all set to unify the world's mobile computing devices through a single, using worldwide radio transmission standard. Now just imagine being able to go anywhere in the world, knowing that your mobile phone is compatible with the local system, known as "global roaming".

However, Internet calling services such as Skype are experiencing enormous growth. A wave of concern among telecom companies aroused in 2005 and is still ongoing. Skype offers international calling at the price of national calls, which is expected to trigger a reaction and an imitation pattern, causing further price pressure within telecommunications players.

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