Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Men’s eternal fear of commitment

The man loves his freedom, more than anything. For men, the thought of making a commitment to one woman for the rest of their lives is like sending them to sprint for the hills. One commitment to them means negotiation, loss of independence, the sacrifice of sexual variety, and the alarming spirit of financial destruction. US Census reports reflect that over past four decades, the rate of marriage has undeniably been on the decrease. Men’s deep-seated phobia for commitment is one of the reasons, behind this declining figure. A man may work through this fear, talking about it over and over, rather than addressing the problem all at once.

Through men and women know how to arrive at similar conclusions and make decisions, but their process to do that is quite different, psychologically. Sensitivity is our capacity to shape, welcome and maintain relationships. For men, the meaning of a relationship is quite different from women. This intense fright of commitment can lead any man to go out of relationship circumference, cheating on his partner.

fear for commitment
Interestingly, men feel closer to a woman throughout shared activities such as competition, outdoor or sexual activities that are distinctly physical and active. Women feel closer to men through conversation and intimate sharing of experience and emotional content. Although both men and women appreciate taking part in the same activity, they often have preferential differences for them. The majority of men find such sharing and involvement uncomfortable or occasionally irresistible

Here what a woman need to do in such case is taking some extra time, nurturing your friendships, hobbies and interests, scheduling some pampering time.  Because, if you bring up him allegedly being afraid of commitment in excess, perhaps your relationship would never see the net day. 

Along with men’s fear of commitments, the trend of counseling for the same also grew over the period of time. For any dating couple, coming up with differences and misunderstandings is completely natural. In many cases, counseling helped men to realize the value of commitment, closing communication gap. During the counseling, it is ensured that men and women stay away from personal attempts to frustrate each other. After all, now and then it is important to discover the sources of distress and disappointment, after hearing the word ‘Commitment’.

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