Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thin line between Dating and Relationship

Dating and relationships may be used alternatively very often, but to be very particular about it, there is a thin line between dating and being in a relationship. Yet, most couples use these two terms as if they are the synonym to each other. A relationship is essentially a connection between two individuals, developed during time spent with each other while Dating is a phase when you decide whether the person is worthy of your prestigious time or not. 

Dating is the pre-matured stage of the relationship, where two people get to know each other for determining if that person would be a suitable partner. For dating, both must have feelings for each other and a desire to know other person from the romantic angle. When you are involved in dating, there is no level of commitment between you and your partner. Once two people are in a relationship, they enjoy a certain level of commitment. Once two individuals become committed, they start enjoying discussing that is no longer focused on getting to know each other. There are zillions of people switched from dating to being in a relationship. Who knows if you could be the next one? 

difference between dating and relationship

Once you are in a relationship, things get might never be easy to handle. Now your worries start with your partner, being 100% faithful to you. According to one research study, the percentage of men cheating on their partners is more than women cheating on their partner. ‘Am I the only person he's being intimate with?’, ‘Is he hiding something crucial to the success of our relationship?’ are few questions that start occupying your intelligence. If you have any one of these mentioned doubts, it is the best time for the two of you to calmly discuss. No need to accuse him/her of anything or fight about it, risking your well-being. 

If your partner is not aware that you wish a long-term, committed relationship, do let him or her know casually. Do not bring it up every time you see each other, or even talk about other couples. One small argument can ruin your stretched relationship. Make sure when you talk to your partner for the first time, he or she is ready to talk about it. If both of you are not limited and he/she refuses to accept that he/she is cheating on you, take some more time to figure it out, else without wasting your time, move on.

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