Friday, January 13, 2012

7 most dazzling Hollywood actresses of all time

Trust me on it. It was deadly difficult to come up with only seven names as they say – Hollywood celebrated Beauty thousand times. As a movie lover, from the silent era to the modern age, I got the chance to watch almost every actress from Hollywood. Yes, I finally managed and dared to come up with the list. I know, it would be almost impossible to justify beauty of these dazzling actresses in words; nevertheless, here I go –

Greta Garbo –Hitler’s favorite actress, Garbo became the soul of American cinema, during Silent movie era. Needless to say, she processed delicacy in beauty, depth in character and artistry in acting. Her instinct and mastery over the camera was pure witchcraft. No surprise if she is still ranked fifth on list of 'greatest female stars of all time' by American Film Institute.

Elizabeth Taylor – A legendary actress and a woman of extraordinary achievements. A Place in the Sun (1951) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) are best examples of her striking screen presence. No doubt, she and Paul Newman made the best-looking couple on screen till date.

Marilyn Monroe - I think, we all know why Marilyn continued to be the most loved actress of all time. It was her beauty, which kept film producers to sign her for expensive film projects, despite knowing how poor actress. Gentleman Prefer Blondes and Niagara showcase Marilyn’s glittering prettiness at it's best.

beautiful actresses
7 most dazzling Hollywood actresses of all time(Clockwise) - Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, Naomi Watts, Marilyn Monroe
Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Taylor and Nicole Kidman

Grace Kelly -  How could anybody forget her gorgeous face from Rear Window (1954). What I can remember is being completely spellbound by her beauty. Who cares what is there, priest of beauty are still going to watch in any movie if Grace Kelly is there.

Nicole Kidman - Definitely one movie cannot do justice to her beauty. From Far and Away (1992) to The Others (2001), from Moulin Rouge! (2001) to Rabbit Hole (2010), her magnificent  presence has no alternative.

Julia Roberts - It's hard to believe hat it's been over 20 years since Julia Roberts released her beauty vibes in Pretty Woman (1990). With that gorgeous red dress and skinny body, she shot almost all men on planet dead. Why the way, who can forget her thigh-high boots that became cultural reference point for early 90s.

Naomi Watts - She has a splendor that very few actresses possess. In King Kong (2005), she was at once sensual and pure, suffering and hopeful, world-weary and life-inspiring. Not to mention, in close-ups, she gave the impressions and illusions of great beauty. There are many moments in the film, when she moved her head just a little bit, but the whole screen came alive.


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