Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Advertising to meet new horizons

Advertising has to be a comfy affair, after all, what really catches audience’s attention is an interesting mode of promotion. Today, Advertising works out for an appealing idea since the world is soaked in publicity clutter. Conventional advertising is built on reach and frequency, but depth of advertising experience is the next big thing to happen. From quintessential ways to today’s latest methods, advertising evolved over years. 

Today, target markets are divided into several sub-markets and marketing service intermediaries like event planners, ad agencies, and not-for-profit organizations, further breaking each sub-market down. We all know how, for decades, market leaders have been spending heavy money in the name of competition. They rarely knew who sees their ads, whether the ads influence anyone or get consumed in existing clutter. 

Even though some companies spent trillion dollars on advertising, their investment ended up being immaterial to their target audience. Luckily, while paying big bucks to advertising agencies, marketers realized the power of the Internet. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau reports, Internet advertising had the worth of 9.6 billion US dollars in 2004, growing 33% up in one year gap. 

motorcycle advertising

An Adverting campaign from Aprilia (an Italian motorcycle company)
touches new skies of creativity

This new digital medium got market leaders to dream up in new ways, breaking through the clutter. This new concept of internet marketing appeared affordable to smaller enterprises. When online promotion revolt got started, new media found their way. Pop-ups, Textual and even classified advertisements picked up the pace. For leading companies, mastering new sources of promotion became a must. On a positive note, unlike conventional advertising, measuring the impact of online campaign helps a marketer in counting how many people click and like the advertisements. 

Now even Internet Advertising is challenged to discover new purchase influences for each sub-market as at least 950 out of every 1,000 Internet ads still land in front of people who aren't interested in that particular product. Many market researchers studied the click-through statistics on banner-ad placement and paid search engines on chosen terms. Fortunately, with monitoring number of click on ads, an organization can further refine the relevance and placement of each ad with relatively fewer efforts. 

A study found that Internet users, 14 times more likely to click on an interesting advertisement, on average. Now a question arises, will many Internet users opt for that product? With new discovered online advertisement platforms, advertisers are about to dig up a new tool which would enable them to place the right ad for right people.

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