Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shades of Colors - Colors of Life

Colors give meaning to life and make us thank God for having eyes. Trust me, Colors are the only reason why ‘black and white’ seems so boring.  Each color embodies different meaning and association. And, that is how you can tell what kind of persona one carries by analyzing his choice of colors. Let's spend some time on anatomy of colors-  

Exactly the way January marks beginning of New Year and celebration, Yellow signifies joy, happiness and energy. Yellow produces a warming effect and arouses cheerfulness. Not very different to it, Pink gives new heights to love and affection. It connects us to harmony, compassion and companionship. The extreme extension of Pink, Red increases enthusiasm and stimulates energy. Being the color of fire and blood, Red encourages passion, desire and love. 

Being the color of the sky and ocean, Blue symbolizes independence. Ancient Egyptians even used this color to represent heaven. Blue signifies inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. In summer breaks of every June, Cyan, an alternative of Blue makes one feel better and gives a sense of protection. This is why swimming pools are tiled cyan so that simmers feel calm and relaxed.

Colour shades

Just as everything turns green in rainy months, Green, too, signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. Because it is a restful color, time moves faster in rooms, painted in green. Just like Green, Brown too is associated with all natural or organic things. It is a down-to-earth color, indicating stability, the structure and support. With a keen sense of duty and responsibility, brown lovers take their obligations seriously. 

Always in vogue, black is nothing less than a real sensation, even though it is produced by the entire absence of light. Black embodies the true sense of power and elegance. Not very different to it, White signifies positivity and successful beginning, being called the color of perfection. When white is mixed with black, it produces Gray, the color of intellectual, knowledge, as well as wisdom. It is a unique color that is dignified, yet conservative, carries authority and evokes strong emotions. 

Now it leaves us to two more important colors, Violet and Orange. Because Violet is associated with transformation and royalty, it assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment. On the contrary, Orange signifies joy and happiness. Combining energy of red and happiness of yellow, it marks fascination, creativity and determination.

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