Monday, May 6, 2013

Sweat your Body out but Keep Gym Clean

Hitting gym isn’t only thing that makes you a strong individual, but keeping up with Gym Etiquette too. While most of us use public gyms to work out on a regular basis, it seems still we could use a lesson on gym hygiene and etiquette. The following tips can help you in staying away from the nasty germs that lurk in the recesses of any gym.

1. If you’re not feeling well, going to the gym can’t ever be a great idea. Do everyone else a favor (I know it’s rude) and stay home. Trust me, in the name of sweating it out, all you are doing is nothing, but spreading your germs around.

2. Please wash your hands before and after the workout. Doing so would prevent you from bringing any germs in. Bring a little bottle of antibacterial gel with you might also be a wiser idea.

3. Avoid touching your face with your hands, knowing that your hands are the parts of your body that have most likely been in contact with the germ. The more you put your hands on your face (especially near your mouth and nose), the more you’ll invite germs to enter your body. 
Gym Etiquette
You Sweat is precious. Don’t leave it behind, keep gym equipment clean
4. If there are plenty of treadmills to choose from, don’t try to fight for space near a mirror, even though you are dying to see yourself lift those dumbbells. Give your gym fellows room to breathe. If you can smell the body odor of the person next to you, then you are too close to give them a tough time.

5. Always put on appropriate gym clothes. This is true that no one wants to wear too much clothing, but too little clothing isn’t a good choice either. Sweat falls more freely from a poorly clothed individual, leaving germs everywhere. Remember, a perfectly clothed body avoids contact with dirt and germs from others.

6. Leave the equipment the way you found them. Remove extra weights from each machine and return free weights to their racks, before you wipe everything down with a dry towel. Your sweat is good for you, not for the machines. Keep your Gym clean.

Now something I have for those who are hunting for a new gym, nearby their location. Think beyond the price and overall setting. Evaluate the hygiene of the facility and check if equipment are clean or free of sweat.


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