Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ditch that Wintry Itch

Are winter chills leaving your skin feeling weathered? Causing your skin to dry out every winter are cold weather, low humidity, and excessive use of indoor heaters. These ten simple tips will help your skin glow like the sun this winter.

1. Moisture-rise: Ditch the liquid moisturizer. Instead, make Petroleum jelly your new best friend this winter. Trap that extra moisture by slathering on a generous amount all over your body immediately after bathing, (after patting your skin dry). A few drops of body oil in your bath water can also do the trick.

2. Water can clean: You’re not exactly sweating it out this season, so limit your use of soap, because this way you’ll be doing your skin a big favour
. Enjoy that warm bath devoid of soaps and indulge in a mild soap only once in two days. Trust us; water can do the job just fine!

3. Don’t get hot and dry: Limit the use of hot water. As comforting as it might be, it not only hastens the drying of your skin, it can leave you with a bad itch too. If you have the "winter itch," take lukewarm showers with a non-detergent-based cleanser.

4. Keep your bath short: We’d all like to spend the entire day under a hot shower, considering the discomforting weather, but its best to keep your bath as short as possible this winter. Just think of it as the more you are under the shower, the more moisture you are washing away.

5. Humidify: Dry air can pull moisture from your skin. Room humidifiers can be very beneficial. Avoid extreme cold winds and make sure to cover your face when you step out.

Great skin in winters

6. Don’t throw your sunscreen out: The sun might seem like it is in hiding, but your skin will still feel the heat if you don’t use a sunscreen. The winter sun can actually be pretty dangerous to the skin. Make sure to always have your sunscreen on before you step out.

7. Get kissable lips: Chapped lips can be the biggest putt off. Use a petrolatum-based balm for your lips, re-apply them often, they will lock moisture and keep them looking fresh and supple. A dab of honey can also leave your lips soft, luscious and ready to be kissed.

8. Sock them up: Just before you slip into your warm bed, rub the generous amount of petroleum jelly into your hands and feet. Wearing gloves and socks can help the moisture work its way in, through the night. You’ll wake up with the softest pair of hands and feet.

9. Eat this for Healthy Skin: Load your plate with fruits and green veggies this winter. Make sure your daily diet includes Pomegranates, Carrots, Oranges, Dark leafy greens and Brussels sprouts and soaked peanuts. Vitamin D supplements can ensure you get the recommended amount since your Vitamin D production will go down due to lack of exposure to the sun.

10. Hydrate: Even if you’ve heard it a million times, it is still the best piece of advice. Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day. Don’t keep sipping throughout the day that can actually be taxing to your system. Drink a wholesome amount whenever you are thirsty. Lukewarm water will work wonders; It will keep your skin hydrated and help flush out the toxins too.

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