Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Sacred path of Yoga

One of the most significant things in life is HEALING. Anyone who is going through failure, disease, conflict or unhappiness needs healing. What we call success, good health or happiness can be achieved if one is healed. Knowing that Healing means removing the toxins, removing the darkness and any form of negativity, one needs to heal the body, mind and soul, which is a continuous and conscious process. In spiritual world, this process is known as meditation- one of many practices of the ancient science of Yoga.

Many scientific studies have been carried out to understand the bio-chemical and vibrational changes that occur with the regular and intense practice of Meditation and Yoga. The results of these studies have revealed that all measurable parameters of human health, including endocrine system, mineral structure and metabolic pathways show improvements. Medical trials conducted show that the sacred meditations enhances the regenerating capabilities of the human cells thereby helps in the revival of dysfunctional organs and brings about age reversal and rejuvenation. Scientific investigations on the changes in volunteers practicing Meditation and Yoga are still continuing and would help the science understand the infinite capacity and capability of this science beyond science.

In general, Science is defined as a process that helps researchers solve the mysteries of life. While scientists have achieved this understanding after considerable effort and research, Yoga has been emphasizing on the secret of universal power in the empty space. Everything in the universe originates first at the vibration-al plane and then goes on to convert into energy and finally has a form that we call matter. Emptiness is the substrate of everything that exists. It is indeed the something that is the reservoir of all energy and infinite wisdom.

Yoga Class

In the same line, Yoga also works on the principles of Quantum Physics. Some of the meditation practices of Yoga focus on accessing the deep hidden negative memories of previous lifetimes. These memories, hidden deep in the subconscious mind, ('forgotten' by the conscious mind) are the root causes of our negative reactions, habits, and actions. Through meditation, all these deep-rooted emotions and psychic impressions are accessed and surfaced to be released and healed.

While targeting diseases, which are nothing but negative energies, Yoga takes the ‘prevention is better than cure’ route. It makes you learns the art of merging with infinite, which means one’s finite potentials or limitations dissolving for a happy and healthy life. Coming from an ancient Indian wisdom, practice deeper meditation - entering into another dimension of the mind. With constant meditation, you would slowly know how to heal yourself physically, emotionally and burn karmic structures that are responsible for sufferings in the lives.

Receive practical training to develop a strong foundation and intrinsic knowledge not only in the paths of Meditation and Yoga, but also in Quantum Physics, Past Life Therapy, Crystal Healing and various other new age healing modalities. Hold an in-depth knowledge of Human Psychology with parallel training in Martial Arts and make great use of the unique powerful message of selfempowerment.

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