Sunday, May 12, 2013

Anti Smoking Policy that isn't against smokers

We all know that smoking contributes toward absenteeism and loss of productivity. It has been observed that employees who smoke are absent from work 50% more than non-smokers. This is why many state and local governments across the world now require workplaces to be smoke-free. Making your workplace smoke-free can have a greater impact. Employees may be less likely to miss work due to illnesses that are caused by smoking tobacco.

Smoke-free surroundings help in creating a safer and healthier workplace as the non-smoker are not exposed to life-threatening smoke. In fact, those who smoke may appreciate a clear company policy about tobacco use at work if it doesn’t discriminate them. A clear plan that is carefully put into action to lower employees' exposure to smoking shows how much employer cares for its workforce.

Establishing policies against smokers

If your workers are represented by a union leader, work with him to create a smoking-free policy. Because union leaders care most amount their subordinates, this will ensure that designated policy doesn’t turn ruthlessly against smokers.

With a smoking lounge, make people stop smoking in a creative way. First, start with signage that directs people to designated smoking areas. This will help smokers to comply with the rules and people who want to avoid the smoke would also know where these places are. Such designated smoking areas can even be outdoors or the far west end of the building (hypothetically).

Make the smoking area a desirable place to take smoke breaks. Good tables, comfy seating (so an employee can continue working while they smoke), plentiful ash and butt receptacles can make the smoking area a more wanted location. This should optimistically help entice the smokers to choose the chosen area for smoking. Educate employees (probably via poster or an official email) that even if they smoke in smoking areas, they must dispose the remains in the proper containers.

Making smokers feel OK about it

Remember banning smoking might slightly fall into an act of discriminating employees. To permit such discrimination allows the banning of perfectly capable workers. Besides, the real issue here is the right of individuals to lead the lives they choose. This is why; you need to have a virtually smoke-free workforce before you take a step of banning smoking, because some individuals (who smoke) may feel that they are not being treated fairly.

Because quitting inconsiderate smoking may be hard for some people so you have to apply pressure slowly. A more positive approach would be finding a way to get smokers to quit. Offer some incentives for smokers to quit, implying how you are interested in employee’s best health.

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