Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Go athletic with Functional Training

Do you live to exercise? Unless you're an athlete, you probably will answer NO to such question. But the truth is any physical activity is better than nothing at all. Making physical activity part of your daily lifestyle burns calories even if they are not structurally planned. Because it is difficult to find the time or stay motivated to start, find best ways to fit physical activity into your daily life whether it’s walking to work, doing chair exercises or working out at the gym. The only important thing to remember is - to choose an activity that you enjoy doing.

Being active is not just about losing weight, but also about lowering cholesterol, getting blood pressure better, decreasing stress or anxiety and improving the mood. So, if improving the quality of life is on your agenda then functional training is the right choice for you. Functional fitness exercises are designed to train your muscles to perform everyday activities, such as carrying heavy groceries or playing a game of basketball with your kids. Functional Training uses your body weight against the pull of gravity (as the load) without locking you up into one movement or position.

Functional exercises allows a free and full range of motion of the joints, and builds body strength by working key muscle groups together in line with the abdomen and back. Whether you want to build lean muscle mass or to replace excess fat, functional training exercises are your ride to success. Such exercises create stronger, leaner muscles than regular exercises you do at gym because they encourage the body muscles to work together imitating real life experiences (such as rickshaw pulling, climbing a tree). It helps you to develop the muscular strength and flexibility that can dramatically improve your body composition and shape.

Because with functional exercises, you get trained in all three planes of motion (front to back, side to side and rotational), it’s always wise to check your glucose before and after each functional activity to learn how your body is responding to chosen activity.

Take small steps to add more movement into your daily life. Breaking activity into three 10 minute workout sessions throughout the day is as good as a 30-minute session. This can help you fit exercise into your schedule effortlessly. Always remember, you should be able to talk when doing a functional activity. If you can’t, it means your body is working way too hard and you need to slow your pace.

Now you can erase the notion that journey to fitness has to be torturous and boring only. Thankfully, now everybody can understand the true potential of their body with adventures of functional training.

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