Friday, March 21, 2014

Social Media - A New Lifeline to Million Brands

In last decade, the idea of buying and selling changed tremendously. Companies, brands or even celebrities moved to social media to reach out people. Such rising platform was not only effective but was also relatively inexpensive, giving countless chances to interact, build relationship and reputation. Now everyone is on social media, the result of which many brands have adapted to the changing social media landscape and altered the ways where they interact with their audience.

From macro-site design to mobile innovations, applications that make businesses reach wider audiences bring brands to the forefront and get users to sit up and take notice. Gone those days when brands had to go through catchy taglines or loud advertising to get noticed. Today, it's all about an immersive engaging experience, driven through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and websites.

benefits of social media

Though some time back, there were predictions that social media was just a passing fad, but things are pretty clear now. Today is the age of going social, the age of conversations, the age of sharing, the age of liking, the age of tweeters, the age of bloggers or in other words ... the age of breaking the clutter. Social media is now embedded in our everyday lives and it doesn't seem to be going away soon.

Today more than 90% of American small businesses are on social media. Clearly, social media has taken hold in the business world as it is one of the easiest ways to reach new customers. What you all need is conducting a quick customer survey, which can direct your business with its social marketing strategy.

The accessibility of social media sites is a boon, especially for countess e-Commerce sites that need to stay connected with existing customers. Whether you’re hoping to increase engagement with customers, build your brand or increase sales conversions, social media is here to stay.

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