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Rugged Fashion - A New Language of Manliness

Who is He?
For years, women have fallen for the Rugged Man. And, who can blame them; he is a man who embodies masculinity, a man who knows how to get things done. He is the explorer, the mountain man, the warrior and the cowboy.

From Cowboys to Hollywood Stars
It all started with the basic style worn by the working cowboy. This style evolved and became what we call Rugged Fashion now. Today, not only does 'the working man' wear rugged wear, but also many movie stars and larger than life heroes and just about everyone who wants to be a star but doesn’t want to conform.

A distressed jeans paired with leather boots is a perfect blend to let everyone discover your rough-round–the-edges side. Denim, leather, tweed, and rough weaves, rugged fashion is clearly inspired by hunters’ outfits that can survive nature’s abuse.

Rugged Fashion Men
Keep it simple! What the rugged gentleman needs is something sturdy yet functional.

Wardrobe Essentials - #TheList

Leather Jacket: The leather jacket gives you a look of stylish ruggedness. The jacket can also be worn over a hand-knitted sweater to help keep the heat in. If you're wearing the jacket open, consider a belt with eye-catching buckle detail. You can also own:
  • Lined Western Jacket Denim Jacket with Borg Collar
  • Western Jacket with Borg Waxed Flight Jacket
  • Shearling Coat Wool-Blend Bomber Jacket

Knitwear: Rugged man needs as many layers of protection as he can get. High-quality and heavy, chunkier knits bump up the masculinity factor.

Shirts: While he is usually expected to stick to shirts with natural earthy tones, the rugged man can also slip into few patterns, particularly checks and plaids. Traditional hunting patterns like buffalo plaids and gun-club checks have a visual link to ruggedness. 

Worn Out Jeans: A faded pair of jeans is a one shot jump to get a rugged look. One can even make your own rugged jeans. Get them stone washed and torn at the right places. If that feels like too much effort, buy one of these to give off rugged impression:
  • Mid wash jeans with rips Jeans with repair and patchwork
  • Tapered Jeans Slim-fit washed-denim
  • Hem ripped denim Regular-Fit Washed Denim

Trousers: Keep it simple! What the rugged gentleman needs is something sturdy yet functional that gives his ankle room to breathe. Trousers should be work-wear-inspired, in neutral or earth tones. Traditional fabrics are something you should adhere to.

Cargo pants and Chinos: Cargo pants (no shorts please!) are undoubtedly masculine. Chinos can also look rough and tough if you go for a dark pair.

Boots: Good shoes are for gentlemen, boots are for rugged men. Get some worn out boots out of the closet. Go for brown or other dark colors; the more basic and functional the better. 

Accessories: The Rugged Man doesn’t wear excessive accessories. While there is limited use of accessories, leather wristbands can look pretty cool. Thick neck chains or rings of your favorite metal will also enhance machismo.

Scarf: A men's neck scarf with a loose checked shirt is the ultimate rugged look. Get a plain cotton scarf. It is the tying style that will make all the difference. An effortless knot to keep the sweat from trickling down- again functional and back to the basics. But remember never over do it!

Belt: Men have been wearing leather since they started wearing clothes. The leather was toughened by nature until it became man’s second skin. A leather belt with broad buckle is a must-have for the rugged look aspirants!

Watches: Many brands understand that watches can have a sense of rugged individualism. Analog watches with leather straps are definitely masculine and do look better on the arm than they do in the box ;)

Sunglasses: Aviators are for the man who makes no apologies for straight-forward selection in accessories. Dark grey lenses embody the full complexity of masculinity. In fact, wayfarers with wooden frame are both assertive and inviting as well!

Suspenders: Suspenders are one of the manliest things one man can own. Opt for suspenders made of leather over the ones made of elastics.

Rugged Accessories

The Tricks

Go Traditional
Focus on traditional clothing: jeans, tweed or cotton trousers, flannel shirts, wool stocking caps; heavy wool coats or jackets, leather belts, suspenders and boots… all should have little-to-no patterns.

Don't go Dressy
Opt for the untucked look. Whichever statement piece you choose, don’t overdo it. Having a multi-zipped biker jacket is great, but pairing it with accordion panel trousers and buckled boots is even more important. Be careful with the colours. Feminine colours like Pink are absolute No-No. Go for darker tones of grey, black, blue and brown.

Fitting of Clothes
The key is to not look too sophisticated as rugged clothing is all about looking casual. Clothes shouldn’t be too tight nor too baggy; after all, you need clothes that show off your masculine physique too.

No Worries
It never needs to be perfect. Rugged clothing is casual; it’s not appropriate for business meetings but certainly, can be tried in campuses. One’s appearance is more rugged by allowing the wrinkles to take place. Embrace the holes, the wear and tear and even the minor damage.

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