Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flower arrangements that will make your guests envy

Is your home looking for that elusive freshness? Do you often feel that there is a no punch of prettiness in your abode? Looks like it’s time to let spring colors bloom in their natural and delightful form in your living space! A quite congregation of flowers neatly tucked and placed in a vase makes a very fresh and classy addition to any space. Overall, any kind of floral effect always adds a pleasing touch to the house. Let the gorgeous flowers of your garden play dainty decor tricks in your home. Here are some really cool ideas to amp up the decor of your house with blissful and vivacious fresh flowers.

Garden Fresh! If you are among the lucky few who have a fab garden at your disposal then all you need to do is select long stems of sunflowers, roses, protea, dahlias, orchids, amaranthus etc. and trim them in different sizes. In order to prevent them from flopping at the rim of the vessel, gather them loosely with a band and place them in a tall crystal vase for a multi-colored arrangement. The happy look of the house is sorted instantly.

Bunch it up A quick click through any online portal will give you an instant bouquet and bunch options to pep up the dull corners of your house. Red roses or blue orchids in the pretty flower-pots of the house will add to the simplicity and tranquility of the house. Guests will absolutely fall for it.

Flower Arrangement

Artificial is beautiful too A gorgeous and pretty floral arrangement can be made even if you don't have fresh flowers in the garden. Silk flowers or plastic flowers make a great replacement for them. In fact, they are preferable because one doesn't need to change them regularly and are washable too. Long sticks of silk flowers arranged in Mason Jars or simple vases add an ornamental dash to the living room.

Green and Gorgeous For a change, a leafy arrangement with one bright colored flower in the centre can also be very pleasing to the eyes. One may pick leaves of different trees and plants and assemble them in multiple ways. Colorful hanging planters with cactus also make a great decor style.

Perfect centerpiece Two beautiful roses peeking from the perfect centerpiece wins everyone's attention. Flowers look best in lovely vases. There is a contemporary and cool collection of flower pots and vases easily available all around. Quirky, sculpted,vintage, ceramic, metal or colored, we are spoilt for choices. So go on! Happy decorating!

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