Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Best Indoor Games for Kids

Wasn’t childhood the most memorable time of your life? The time when we were not limited by resources, abilities, circumstances. As a kid, you could imagine to be whoever and imagine a world outside of the reality. But now, since you have kids of your own to care for, don’t you sometimes wonder what happened to the wide open play spaces you grew up playing and running around in?
For kids of today, outdoor playtime is restricted mostly to school and the neighborhood/residential complex play area. Which hardly suffices for the bundles of energy that kids today are. It makes you want to think of better ways to keep them occupied constructively.
Well, help is at hand. For those rainy, busy or just plain impossible days, when staying indoors is the sole option, there’s plenty you can do to keep your children busy and happy.
indoor games for kids
Board Games: The obvious way out is to stock up on some classic board games. From Monopoly to Ludo, Battleship, Scotland Yard and Scrabble, these evergreen choices still retain their charm. Then, there are the more recent options, modeled on popular comic characters like Ben 10, Chota Bhim and Dora the Explorer. You’ll wonder why didn’t you think of it earlier?

DIY Kits: Since mental workouts can be as fulfilling (and tiring) as physical activity, Do It Yourself or DIY kits always work to keep children occupied inside the house. Select from any among the plethora of options available, such as Candle Making, Jewellery Designing, Eye-mask Making, Finger Painting and Flower Making Kits. At the end of it, you’ll also have a brand new creation to show off to doting family and friends. A win-win for all!

Clay Modelling: One of the best indoor activities for kids is clay modeling. Apart from being a creative activity, it has been scientifically proven that clay modeling works wonders for children’s minds, by stimulating kinesthetic learning. Kinesthetic learning takes place when students ‘learn’ by engaging in physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

Colouring sets: Colouring sets help keep kids engaged for long periods of time. Encourage the artistic side of your little one by selecting the perfect coloring set, with the widest selection of coloring tools, worksheets, stencils and painting add-ons.

Activity tables: Go a step further from DIY kits to set up activity tables for the young ones and see them shine! The choices are many and varied and you can take your pick from island resort themes to kitchen essentials and music stations. A whopping variety and each of them more exciting than the last. Make indoor time a treasure trove of fun-filled memories!

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