Friday, July 29, 2016

Choosing the right pair of Jogging Shoes

Jogging is one of the most economical of sports. After all, it only requires a good pair of jogging shoes for a good run, right? But hey, having the right jogging shoe makes all the difference as it can either make your exercise an enjoyable hobby or a painful experience.
Picking the right pair of jogging shoes can be quite tricky, especially if it's your first time. When there are several options to choose from, it’s okay to be confused. Looking at how intensely you run and how much you run will help you choose the best shoes for you. Here are a few more factors to consider:

Brand and Gender
The first thing is to choose a pair from a brand of repute. Whether you buy shoes online or purchase them from an outlet nearby, you can always find great prices to fit your budget. Choose ones designed only for your gender. Men and women's feet are different in various ways (due to different patterns of movement). Wearing shoes meant for another sex may cause you a lot of ergonomic issues, even if they match your size. So beware!

Shoe Weight and Heel 
Always pick up a shoe that feels light. A lightweight running shoe, not only prevents injury but also allows you to start jogging without overtaxing your body. Check the heel, to figure whether it is ‘stiff enough’ to support your ankles.

Shoe Size
Don’t get hung up on shoe size; it is merely a guide. A shoe should fit you snugly without any constriction to the circulation in your feet. While there should not be excessive movement within the shoe, you must ensure that it encases around your foot perfectly, it shouldn’t squeeze your foot. However, at the front of the shoe, where your toe is, it’s okay to have half an inch of extra for comfort.

Jogging Tracks 
If you jog on the road or on a concrete track, make sure that the shoe that you pick is designed just for running. Go to brands and recommended stores that sell footwear and other running/ specific sports equipment.  Some specialty stores hire experienced joggers who can help you in selecting the most suitable jogging shoes, informing you also on the latest types and styles.

Socks and Aftercare
Socks are Shoe’s partners in crime. The thickness of the socks can change how a shoe fits; therefore it is advised to buy new socks with new shoes. Lastly, if you want your shoes to serve you for a long time, use Shoe Inserts. Shoe Inserts for various foot types are available (flat feet, low arches, high arches or rolling feet) at a very nominal price.

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