Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Streamline your Workflow: Make an effective To-Do List

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the number of jobs you have to do? Does it happen frequently when you miss deadlines because you just forget to do something important? The solution to such problems is a to-do list. Wondering what that is?

To-do lists are pretty straightforward. A list of all of the tasks you plan to accomplish during the day or week. So, if your daily tasks have converted into things you never get done; use these tips to streamline your work. 

workflow steamline

Write it the night before
Whenever you prepare your to-do list a night before, you hit the ground running the next morning. After all, for most of us, morning is a high-energy time and having to-do list already in hand means not wasting any super-charged minutes figuring out what has to be done next. You can use anything: Mobile, Notepad, Diary, or Post Slips for the to-do list. 

Qualify the tasks
Everything that goes on your daily to-do list should be something important that you need to do and something that needs to be done on that day. Too often, we fill up our lists with jobs that are not meant to be done on the same day, which crowds out the more important. If you breeze through your urgent tasks for the day, you can move on to the next day’s tasks feeling quite happy about leaving nothing pending. 

Calculate time estimates
Whether it is four minutes or four hours, include an estimate of how long it will take to complete your to–do jobs. That way, you will be ever to observe the tasks’ completion pattern and further making realistic decisions about how much work you can really fit into your day. Trust me, for something like this, you won’t even need Calculator. 

Make it more comprehensive 
Divide your list into two columns. On leftward, make a chronological list of things that need your attention. Now, this can be anything meetings, conference calls, or even appointments with a candidate who is going to work under your supervision. On the right-hand side lists what you expect to get done during these events. For an example what is the agenda of the meeting that you have: coming up with a plan or discussing a marketing budget for the next brand campaign. Now arrange these by priority, but simply numbering all tasks.  

Reexamine items you’ve postponed
Last but not the least; reevaluate the postpone tasks, and also keeps track of the days postponed. If you’re repeatedly putting off an important task for the next day, you need to look at why. Also make sure to keep your work desk clean with Desk Organizer Items, so that you are all geared up to complete your tasks ASAP. 

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