Saturday, October 15, 2016

6 Last Minute, yet Amazing Gifts for this Diwali

Diwali is the most exciting time of the year for most of us. However, for those working in advertising agencies, customer engagement firms and media houses, it is the time to go through tremendous pressure and work on several immediate deadlines. Amid such chaos, it’s natural to delay Diwali shopping and forget about buying gifts.
But, what if there are only a few days left to Diwali and you are yet to complete your gift shopping! Worry not, coz help is at hand. We will make sure that this Diwali too remain special for your loved ones. Here are some last minute gifting ideas you shouldn’t miss.

last minute diwali gift
Dry fruits: You can’t go wrong with dry fruits in the Diwali season. Yes, it’s the most common gift around, but then, last minute, it’s a great saving grace! Do something different with the packaging like get a fancy box or a fruit basket and pack in the dry fruits. 

Induction cook-top: With the abrupt rise on household LPG prices, gifting someone an Induction cook-top makes a great sense. This could be an awesome gift for your wife, mother or any of your family friends. This easy to operate gadget, cooks food much faster than a gas stove. Whoever gets it, will definitely appreciate you.

Roti Maker: The most popular gift this Diwali could be a roti maker. It’s what every Indian household could get used to. A little bit of convenience and little bit of luxury rolled into one! 

Air fryer: This Diwali, you can help your loved ones stay fit and healthy by presenting them the Air fryer. It uses hot air to cook food that would usually require deep frying in lots of oil. Festivals in India usually mean lots of sweets, chocolates and fried snacks. With this useful gift they can celebrate each festival in a healthier way.

Gift vouchers: When in doubt about the receiver’s choice the best option to go for is a gift voucher. Choose a gift voucher of just about any brand, and the receiver will be more than happy to redeem the benefits. And of course he will love the freedom of choice, to choose anything that he likes. 

Premium playing cards: Playing along is an activity that is often indulged in during Diwali. Get a set of premium playing cards. You don’t have to be a pro to appreciate a set of playing cards. Nearly everyone you know has tried their hand at playing cards at some point or the other. Your gift could also be a hint at initiating a game. 

This was a list of quick gift options that are easy to pick and are sure to please your receiver. Is there anything you would like to add to the list? Let everyone know in your comment.

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