Saturday, October 15, 2016

Give Conventional Diwali Gifts a Twist

Diwali is around the corner. It is the time of the year everyone waits for anxiously. Children expect gifts from their parents as employees expect bonus from their bosses!

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide what to gift our near and dear ones. I propose to try something new, this Diwali. Other than the usual diyas and mithai, let’s surprise our loved ones with gifts out of the ordinary, something different! Here are a few gifting ideas that can make Diwali special: 
diwali gifts
A gift hamper with all the goodies: Take a walk to your nearby grocery store and pick a few knick knacks that you need every day in your kitchen. Add to that a few snacks and drinks, a few chocolates and other stuff that you love to pamper yourself with. Put all these together in a basket and cover it with a wrapping paper or clear cling foil and decorate it with a bow. And voila! Your gift hamper is ready.

Choose a cake, not Mithai: Take a different route. If you’ve forgotten, but still want to stand out, take a cake to your relatives. It’s a different option from the usual Mithai Ka Dabbas. Needless to say, the flavour and the toppings should be according to the receiver’s taste. Do something out of the box, by ordering a cake in shape of a fire cracker or decorate with some faux crackers and you have a winner in your hands. 

Candle Holders is a great idea too: Diwali is the festival of light. Candles and diyas adorn every house. How about gifting unique candle holders to add an extra dose of edginess?

Let’s say no to wax: If you want to make your gifts last long, think of options other than wax. Add a different twinkle to Diwali decorations by substituting candles with LED lights. Be it in tea lights, diyas, wall hangings or any kind of decoration. A hamper of unique Diwali lights is an ideal gift for the festival of lights. You could experiment with different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. From LED’S to lanterns to ferry lights, the options are immense.

Dress them up differently: If you cannot escape gifting crockery this season, then do it with a twist. Instead of the usual dry fruits filler, surprise them putting in a mixed bag of laddoos, crackers, chocolates, other sweets etc. Wrap them all up in similar looking candy paper and you would’ve managed to create an interesting surprise. 

How about a Poker Set? Everybody loves playing cards during Diwali. What better option than to gift them their own unique poker set complete with cards and poker chips. This will be a fun game for the entire family.

Something for the home: Everybody loves to decorate their homes during Diwali. Little exciting curios add to the festive flair. A bright hued carpet helps in adding to the home d├ęcor as well as amp up the comfort factor. They can be used to sit down and play cards or simply laze over after a long night of partying. Exclusive table mats can also be gifted as they brighten up the atmosphere for a perfect family meal!

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