Friday, March 4, 2016

A Quick Guide to Buying Motorbikes Online

Though buying a motorcycle online can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is a scary proposition as well. Over the years I have purchased everything online, right from mobile phones to motorbikes. But I never thought buying a motorbike online would be a cakewalk. This guide shares my experience as a buyer. The guide is also a key to all common queries that you may have before buying a vehicle online. 

Take Your Time 

The biggest advantage of buying two wheelers online is that you can take time to learn, research, share and compare. Take your time to make a highly informed choice. Browse through various online offers, compare bike features and review crucial parameters to understand the performance of the selected motorcycle. 

All these e commerce websites are informative and engaging. Once you choose a bike, you need to fill a detailed form, using an easy and secure user interface. Again, take your time without filling up any wrong information in a hurry. 

Know Your Seller 

The internet can be quite an overwhelming place. Your primary concerns may include - Will my purchase be as good as it appears on the website? Is the seller reputed? Is it the best offered price in the market. It’s critical to check the seller's feedback. Look at the items the seller has been selling and the buyer reviews. 

Choose Most Suitable Payment Method 

Once the seller has great feedback, the next consideration is the proximity of the seller. This factor will decide the cost to get your new vehicle home. Now, think about payment options? A seller typically expects a booking amount. Then the balance can be paid via 'Cash On Visit (COV)' option where you pay either via cash or credit card upon marketplace representative’s visit for document collection. If you are financing your vehicle, your bank may need to contact the seller directly. 

Get Insurance Process Initiated Simultaneously 

Next smart step is initiating the insurance process before even getting your vehicle delivered at your doorstep. Signing up for an insurance policy is simple and involves minimal documentation and quick turnaround time. The selected marketplace will quote lower premiums as compared to offline ones. Now you might wonder why? This way, insurance company saves on distribution channel expenses and infrastructure overheads, gladly passing on the savings to you. 

Call Support for Queries 

Remember, buying two wheelers online allows you to experience a high degree of flexibility. You are in control of every aspect of transaction. From form-filling to making payment, take one step and be sure about next choice you make. Almost all e-com websites have customer support to slay any confusion. Never feel hesitant to call and ask questions for a hassle free purchasing experience!

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