Friday, May 19, 2017

Flower arrangements that will make your guests envy

Is your home looking for that elusive freshness? Do you often feel that there is a no punch of prettiness in your abode? Looks like it’s time to let spring colors bloom in their natural and delightful form in your living space! A quite congregation of flowers neatly tucked and placed in a vase makes a very fresh and classy addition to any space. Overall, any kind of floral effect always adds a pleasing touch to the house. Let the gorgeous flowers of your garden play dainty decor tricks in your home. Here are some really cool ideas to amp up the decor of your house with blissful and vivacious fresh flowers.

Garden Fresh!If you are among the lucky few who have a fab garden at your disposal then all you need to do is select long stems of sunflowers, roses, protea, dahlias, orchids, amaranthus etc. and trim them in different sizes. In order to prevent them from flopping at the rim of the vessel, gather them loosely with a band and place them in a tall crystal vase for a multi-colored arrangement. The happy look of the house is sorted instantly.

Bunch it upA quick click through any online portal will give you instant bouquet and bunch options to pep up the dull corners of your house. Red roses or blue orchids in the pretty flower-pots of the house will add to the simplicity and tranquility of the house. Guests will absolutely fall for it.

Flower Arrangement

Artificial is beautiful tooA gorgeous and pretty floral arrangement can be made even if you don't have fresh flowers in the garden. Silk flowers or plastic flowers make a great replacement for them. In fact they are preferable because one doesn't need to change them regularly and are washable too. Long sticks of silk flowers arranged in Mason Jars or simple vases add an ornamental dash to the living room.

Green and GorgeousFor a change, a leafy arrangement with one bright colored flower in the centre can also be very pleasing to the eyes. One may pick leaves of different trees and plants and assemble them in multiple ways. Colorful hanging planters with cactus also make a great decor style.

Perfect centerpieceTwo beautiful roses peeking from the perfect centerpiece wins everyone's attention. Flowers look best in lovely vases. There is a contemporary and cool collection of flower pots and vases easily available all around. Quirky, sculpted,vintage, ceramic, metal or colored, we are spoilt for choices. So go on! Happy decorating!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

An Easy Guide to Men’s Wardrobe Maintenance

Properly maintained clothes always look better than neglected expensive clothing. Sadly the idea of ironing, brushing, and repairing clothes is a foreign concept to many Indian men. Well-made garments can last for decades, and trust me protecting your wardrobe costs much less than buying replacement clothing every few years. This blog is all about the care required to maintain your clothing and footwear for decades.

Organize Your Closet
The wardrobe is not a piece of furniture, but a tool to organize your clothes. The key to deal with limited space is rotating clothing. If you are not going to wear something for next few months, fold it, pack it and store it. As a thumb rule, maintain at least half inch space between garments for airflow and ease of selection. You can arrange clothes by colours; organize them by category or hang them according to days too.

Get them cleaned
Notice a stain on your shirt? Spot clean at home against sending it to the dry cleaner (unless something is strictly dry-cleanable). Each garment has a set life span and dry cleaning unnecessarily shortens its life. Let the garment sit in a small tub of water for a few minutes and apply a right amount of detergent to spot clean. Beware of overdoing it though. In spring, when you plan on storing your woolens, wash them first. If you suspect any moth infestation, send them to the dry cleaners to get them cleaned. Clean the area where the clothing has been kept with an anti-bacterial spray.

wardrobe management

Know How to Iron Clothes
Although non-iron fabrics are quite popular, they fail to appeal as much as freshly pressed ones. Iron pressed clothes not only look sharp, but they also add to the complete package of a well-dressed man.
Read the clothing labels and symbols before you put your clothes to iron test. Once iron is ready, turn your clothes inside out. Start with the collar and cuffs on a shirt; in case of the trousers, begin with the waistband. Start at a low temperature, and then go higher with cotton. As for wool, never let the iron touch the wool. Use a layer of cotton instead. Don’t forget to ensure that the base of the iron is clean.

Brush your Suits and Trousers
Proper wardrobe maintenance requires discipline. All it takes is 30 seconds. Use a clean double-sided brush to clean your clothes after each wearing. Brushing your trousers or suit jacket after each wear is an excellent practice to remove the dirt and food bits that attract insects. A clothing brush also takes care of dried up stains.

What else you need?
Apart from a double-sided brush, there are a few other must-haves that can be used as an arsenal for men’s wardrobe maintenance.
Wire hangers can permanently damage your clothing, especially woolen. Spend a little extra and purchase Wooden Hangers.
If you want to get more than a couple years out of your leather shoes, Wooden Shoe Tree is a mandatory purchase. They preserve the shape of the shoe and prevent the leather from premature cracking.
A Fabric Shaver sounds like a boring investment, but trust me, it’s definitely worth it. Ignore anyone who tells you to use a razor to remove lint; it can be too aggressive and might accidentally tear your favorite shirt.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

All you need to know about Men’s Boots

Boots are unquestionably the most popular men's footwear today. There was a time when they were supposed to be speciality footwear, worn only for wild outdoor adventures to protect men against harsh terrains. While such utility hasn’t faded away, they are now worn at all kinds of gatherings whether casual and formal. Boots come in many designs to fit every man’s taste. All you have to do is find a reliable online shoe store where a variety of options are available. 

What can be worn with them?

There are fine lines of distinction deciding what type of boot can be worn with what kinds of clothes. Your pair of boots should match the material of your pants. The idea is to be attentive towards the slightest things when it comes to clothing and shoes. Jeans is probably one choice that will never let you down. Try to match the color of your shoes with the color of your belt and jacket to look cool. 

What is Boot Cut all about?

For anything other than jeans, boot cut is an important factor to consider. There are three major boot cut categories - ankle length, calf length, and knee high boots. Think in terms of theme. You certainly cannot wear your calf length boots with your workplace suit. An ankle-length boot may be an ideal choice in such case. Most ankle-to-calf length boots, when paired with classic denim can give you a masculine, rugged yet relaxed look. 

Men's Boots

What works best with them?

Corduroy is one fabric that goes well with any type of boots. To get that the casual sporty look, wear a Corduroy pant with boots that have square or round toes, not pointed toes. As mentioned before, Jeans is an ideal choice for any type of boots. Woolens can also be worn with a variety of boots providing the style of the garment matches that of the boot. Tweed jackets and woolen sweaters can also be worn with boots to get a look that is somewhere in between elegant and sporty.

What are they made of?

The material used in boots can redefine how you look. Leather still gives you that classic look and works as a formal wear to the office. Suede boots could just do the trick for casual gatherings. If casual is what you like most of the times, then sports boot or a chukka style boot is what you all need. They look great with jeans as well as on casual trousers. Your other options for jeans are Zipper boots, Lace-up boots and pull-up boots. 

How can you experiment with your look? 

Tucking your denim into your boots is a stylish move. The trick is finding the right proportions. First, the jeans should be slim, not skintight; also the leg opening of the jeans should be narrow so it won’t come loose. Boots always look great with a pair of khaki trousers, perfect for going out. Try a casual chukka boot for that laid-back look. 
Believe me, shoelaces also offer an opportunity to make a fashion statement. When lacing, stop a few lace holes from the top; pull the tongue. Now tie the laces behind the tongue in a standard bow. Tuck the bow down and push it behind the tongue of the boot. If this feels uncomfortable, try a different knot, or simply tuck the loose laces down inside the shoe to hide them. That will create a rakish yet authentic look.
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