Sunday, November 9, 2014

Welcome Home Prosperity – The Vastu Way

You might often wonder how ancient civilizations and religious communities prospered in absence of scientific inventions and technology. But, if you study facts and figures of ancient history closely, you would find science being very much integrated with daily lives then. While West was busy in resolving the mysteries of universe, in East, India was enjoying the science of vibrational energiesVastu shastra. Channelizing earth’s energy with different 16 zones, Vastu was used to attract money, love and prosperity in Ancient India. Thanks to few ancient civilization enthusiasts, this science beyond science is revived now and has been practised around the world. 

You will be surprised to know how our houses can greatly influence our life. The location of the entrance, the directions in which the rooms are positioned or wall colors are of great significance. If these are not in compliance with the energies of the 16 Vastu zones, then it may lead to a Vastu defect. In this blog, you will find few tips to rectify these through Vastu Shastra. The good news is, no demolition or re-construction is required, just few re-arrangements in your house. 

According to Vastu, the placement of interior objects is vital to attract money, love, happiness and prosperity. Keep all mixer grinders in the East-South-East zone where they will churn away all the negative energies, leading to better decision-making in you. A washing machine should be ideally placed in the West-North-West (WNW) zone to wash away the painful memories of the past. As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, the cooking gas should be ideally placed in the South-East Vastu zone. 

Vastu friendly home

Do take good care of colors as they have a deeper impact on your subconscious mind. For instance, avoid shades of blue, grey and black in between the South and South-East, as these create insecurity, financial losses, hurdles and weaknesses. Also avoid Red and Maroon shades in the North and South-West zones to avoid bad affect on the flow of money and relationships. Light, pastel shades prove beneficial for all the rooms. 

Lights are also a great way to cure Vastu Doshas. For auspicious and joyous celebrations, avoid blue lights in the South-East zone. Instead you can use red bulbs here. In addition to this, blue and green lights in the Northern zone and white or yellow lights in the Western zone are good. 

To strengthen love, affection and bonding within family, keep a family picture frame in the South-West zone of your home. Place all your gifts in the Eastern zone for better social connectivity.

To attract more growth and prosperity, clear the North-East zone. Meditating in this zone will ensure the flow of divine power through your body, gifting you with clarity of mind. Fresh flowers in a blue or green vase in the East-North-East (ENE) zone will refresh your mind, removing all negativities and rejuvenate your soul.

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